Today I’m going to show you guys how easily one can integrate Google Maps to their apps.


  • Xcode 6.3 or above
  • CocoaPods Installed

Create an empty project, then open your terminal and type the following lines:

Just type cd and drag your project to the terminal it will automatically detect your path to the project.

Now type:

Then type the following lines it will open your Podfile:

Copy the following lines in your Podfile after target:

Your Podfile will look something like this:

Save it and close it then come back to your terminal and type:

It will start installing the SDK.
And you’ll see outputs like:

Now go back to your project and you’ll see a file named yourproject.xcworkspace, similar to this:

Open its xcworkspace file, add a bridging header to your project and import GoogleMaps:
[code language=”css”]#import <GoogleMaps/GoogleMaps.h>[/code]

Then open your AppDelegate.swift and add your iOS API Key that you obtained from Google Developers’console:
[code language=”css”] GMSServices.provideAPIKey(“Your-iOS-API-Key”)[/code]

Now open your Main.storyboard and drag a UIView:

and apply constraints to it:

Click on your View and add GMSMapView as its Custom Class:

Now create a layout of the View of type GMSMapView:

Its time to the set the camera of the map. Lets say we want it to appear over Sydney, Australia when our app starts, then in your viewDidLoad do:

Now set up the marker; for that we are going to use GoogleMaps’ GMSMarker class. In your viewDidLoad write:

Save and Run it, this is the output that you’ll get:

I have uploaded this project on Github, so you guys can check it out.
If you guys have any question, please leave a comment.



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