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Unit Testing in Android for Dummies

What is Unit Testing? In its simplest term, unit testing is testing a small piece of code. A unit test usually targets a single method

Swift Programming

Container View in iOS

Hello everyone! I hope everyone would be doing great. I googled for a long time but I couldn’t find any good tutorial for Container View,

C# Programming

Making a simple To Do List with Firebase using FireSharp

Hello everyone! After quite some time I finally got time to write. So I am going to tell you guys how to use FireSharp. FireSharp


Getting Started With Firebase in Android

Greetings People! Today I am going write about Firebase, which will be targeting mostly the people who don’t know what Firebase is. What is Firebase?

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Facade Design Pattern

In this article, you will learn about a type of Structural Design Pattern which is the Facade Pattern. You’ll get familiarized with the pros and