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iOS Swift Tutorials

Login with Instagram in iOS

Today, I decided to write about Instagram’s login integration which is really a pain in the neck to integrate but thanks to Shyam Bhat for developing

Android Articles

Unit Testing in Android for Dummies

What is Unit Testing? In its simplest term, unit testing is testing a small piece of code. A unit test usually targets a single method

C# Programming

Making a simple To Do List with Firebase using FireSharp

Hello everyone! After quite some time I finally got time to write. So I am going to tell you guys how to use FireSharp. FireSharp

Swift Programming

Container View in iOS

Hello everyone! I hope everyone would be doing great. I googled for a long time but I couldn’t find any good tutorial for Container View,


Enabling USB Debugging Mode in Amazon Fire for Android Studio

I finally bought an Amazon Fire and decided that I should make a tutorial for enabling its USB debugging mode for android development purpose. So