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Swift Programming

Dropbox Integration With Core API

Hello everyone, Today I am going to show you how you can integrate Dropbox to your app using Swift. So let’s get started. Setting Up Things

Android Kotlin Tutorials

Sending Network Request using Kotlin

Networking has always been necessary in any app. So I decided to write about doing network calls using Kotlin. So let’s start by setting up the project.

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Securing your Mobile Apps through SSL Pinning

The rise of enterprise mobility in the past decade has brought comfort and easiness to people's lives but along with it has evolved a risk and

Articles iOS Swift

Charming the VIPER

While writing an application from scratch coming up with the right architecture for it holds great value. It usually depends on the scope of the


Changing Service icon at Run time in Android

There can be times when you might need the ability in your app to change your service icon according to your wish. Let’s say you