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Sending Network Request using Kotlin

Networking has always been necessary in any app. So I decided to write about doing network calls using Kotlin. So let’s start by setting up the project.


Enabling USB Debugging Mode in Amazon Fire for Android Studio

I finally bought an Amazon Fire and decided that I should make a tutorial for enabling its USB debugging mode for android development purpose. So

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Securing your Mobile Apps through SSL Pinning

The rise of enterprise mobility in the past decade has brought comfort and easiness to people's lives but along with it has evolved a risk and

Design Patterns

Singleton Design Pattern

In this article you will learn about a type of Creational Design Pattern which is Singleton Pattern. You'll get familiarized with the pros and cons

Design Patterns

Design Patterns

Design Patterns are an important part of a Software design. In this article you'll learn the types and the advantages it brings to the table.