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Kickstarting with Kotlin

I am excited for Kotlin, want to know why? because it resembles Swift a lot. So it’s quite fun learning it. So let me start

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Getting Started with Realm using Swift 3.0

Greetings Humans! I was thinking for a long time to write about Realm. So… What is Realm? Realm is an open source client side database for

iOS Swift Tutorials

Implementing Camera with AVFoundation

Howdy! Today I am going to write about how to implement custom Camera using AVFoundation. Here I have created this storyboard consisting of two View

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Using Back4App with Android

You must have seen sponsored ad of Back4App on facebook (that’s how I get to know about it) quite a number of times and be wondering what

Swift Tutorials

Playing with MRTextField

Hello! Today I am going to show you guys how to create a line under UITextField using MRTextField and show you some other features of


Getting Substring from an String with Swift

Greetings! So I wrote this function and then felt like sharing it with you guys. Which basically helps you retrieve a Substring from an string. Here


Getting Started With Firebase in Android

Greetings People! Today I am going write about Firebase, which will be targeting mostly the people who don’t know what Firebase is. What is Firebase?